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  • WIN: Cars 2 on BLU-RAY x 3

    It’s time to enjoy a brand new adventure with best friends Lightning McQueen and Mater as Cars 2 pulls in to stores exclusively on Disney 3D Blu-ray, Blu-Ray and DVD from 21 November 2011. To celebrate the release, we are giving away a copy of the film on Blu-ray™ to 3 lucky winners!

  • Cars 2

    What’s your favourite Pixar film? Gotta be Toy Story hasn’t it, the first one you watched? Or wait, what about Up, or Wall-E, or maybe you’re partial to a bit of Mrs Incredible? Lord knows I am. Anyway, point is, nobody knows what they’re favourite Pixar film is, but everyone knows what their least favourite Pixar film is: Cars. Well ladies and gentlemen, trust me, Cars is practically The Godfather compared to its sequel. Prepare to be thoroughly disappointed.

  • Cheat Sheet: John Lasseter

    Over the years we have sat back with our families, with various sugary goods, and have indulged ourselves in some quality CGI filled entertainment courtesy of Pixar. But who do we rave about when they’re over? Well it certainly isn’t the man who made it all possible. Let us appreciate this unsung hero by looking over his years of achievement in the world of family entertainment. Ladies and gentlemen, this is John Lasseter’s Cheat Sheet.