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  • Friday Face/Off: Movie Trailers

    Oh look, it’s the Friday Face/off! Before we high-tail it out of here and into the closest drinking establishment we’ve slapped together a little piece on the legitimacy of trailers. They are part of the cinema-going experience; but are they no longer necessary? Do they give too much away or is that part of the allure? It’s an argument that has raged for centuries (well definitely for hours) and it continues here!

  • Cheat Sheet: Alan Silvestri

    Where would Back To The Future be without that beautiful aural backdrop of “DER NERRR ner ner ne ner NER NER NER, DER NERRRR de ne ner ner ner NER”? Admittedly it loses something in translation, but the point is, this week’s cheat sheet is dedicated to the man who makes Robert Zemekis sound like a champion: Alan Silvestri.

  • Friday Face/Off: Tom Hanks

    “It is better,” said the essayist and moralist Joseph Joubert, “to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” In the spirit of such a great man that we just found out about on Wikipedia, we present you, gentle reader, with the first in what may well be a series of debates on the state of modern film.