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  • Into The Abyss

    Since 1982 the state of Texas has executed 473 people, and is currently holding 334 people on death row. While California has the highest death row population in the US, it’s Texas that has the highest rate of execution – and it’s here that legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog travelled to make his mesmerising documentary, Into The Abyss.

  • Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

    Award-winning creative German genius Werner Herzog invites us to enjoy an exclusive look at the Paleolithic cave paintings of the Chauvet Cave in modern France. The only director who has been granted access to one of the most significant sites of prehistoric art in the world, Cave of Forgotten Dreams literally goes where film has never gone before. Perhaps even more excitingly, Herzog and his team seem to have finally found a justifiable reason for 3D cameras; the documentary film allows us to experience these 35,000 year old paintings in their full, contoured glory.