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  • National Lampoon – where are they now?

    Since we met the Griswolds 30 years ago, the cast of this legendary all-American family have gone out to explore on their own adventures in the world of acting. From having success in the music charts, to starring in hit TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and even becoming another of Hollywood’s most famous embarrassing fathers, the original cast from The Ultimate Vacation Collection, out now on Blu-Ray for the first time, is still very much alive and kicking!

  • Top 10 Summer Movies

    Oh hello there Summer. How y’doing? Whatcha been up to? Sure is nice to see you. So how long do you reckon you’ll – oh, you’ve gone.
    It came, it went and, in honour of the sun’s fleeting but glorious presence, we’ve compiled our Top 10 Summer Movies. So next time watching the Female Greco-Roman Wrestling or the preliminary rounds of the Women’s Lightweight Snatch (yep, totally real) doesn’t appeal to you, hunker down with one of these.

  • Second Trailer For Hot Tub Time Machine

    The title alone is enough to have even those with the stoniest of hearts weeping with pure, desperate joy. What might just be the greatest movie of our time, Hot Tub Time Machine, has released another trailer, and by thunder, our greatest expectations were not disappointed.