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  • Top 10 reasons Chicken Run may be the best film ever

    Look, I know this is contentious. Bear with me here. I mean, yes, true, there you go with your Schindler’s List and your Shawshank. I see you there, holding up your Psycho and your It’s A Wonderful Life. I see you. I see you, brandishing shiny shiny Oscars like a kid on Sports Day. I see you, and I say unto you: you’re wrong. Chicken Run is the best film ever; here’s why.

  • Friday Drinking Game #70 – Christmas Films

    With Slade, Wizzard, and bloody Bob Geldof dominating the office playlist, and the rivers of mulled wine flowing at previously unprecedented levels, at Best For Film Christmas is definitely upon us. Every family has their own take on the Christmas traditions. Charades or the Queen’s Speech? Presents before or after lunch? Turkey and sprouts at lunchtime or at dinner? But one tradition that we know remains the same in all households is the Christmas film. In honour of this cinematic contribution to the festival of merriment, we have for your delectation: The Christmas Film Drinking Game. ‘Tis the season to be jolly well drunk.

  • Pixar’s first female director leaves production

    Pixar’s relationship with women has always had a slight question-mark over it- after all, its undeniable that they’ve yet to include a single lead female character in their impressive repertoire. Their next film, Brave would have been the first to have a female director. Power to the girls, and all that. However, rumour now has it that Chapman has left the studio, leaving the director’s chair empty. Is it simply a case of creative differences, or is there something more sinister at play?

  • Monsters Vs Aliens

    An action packed yet rather fluffy CGI-romp from Dreamworks. Aliens are attacking, and the only ones who can beat them are monsters imprisoned by the government. For the wee ones, the in-jokes, great graphics and cameo appearances will be enough to satisfy, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more heart, we’d recommend the meatier offerings from Disney/Pixar.