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  • Top 10 Versus Films

    In this vast, unknowable, ever-changing universe there are few things which we can safely rely on to remain constant. Thus those that do, those that struggle on relentlessly, blithely ignoring the evanescent nature of human existence – taxes, the Kardashians, films which pit one mythical creature/alien/abstract concept against another in a brutal fight to the death – can only bring us joy. In recognition, then, of the grand tradition of the “something vs something else” film – and to celebrate the release of Strippers vs. Werewolves – we bring you the Top Ten Versus Films. Enjoy! But remember, whoever wins, we lose/get eaten.

  • RIP Cory Haim

    Former teen superstar Corey Haim has died from a suspected drugs overdose. The actor who’s most memorable work came in the late 80’s and included the cult classic ‘The Lost Boys’ had had widely documented stuggles with substance abuses. Despite these troubles he had still managed to secure work pretty regularly, with his reality T.V. show with close friend Corey Feldman, ‘The Two Coreys’ enjoyed success.