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  • Riddick

    Betrayed by Commander Vaako (Karl Urban, in a brief reprisal), Richard B Riddick (Vin Diesel) finds himself unwillingly exiled on a hostile planet. Injured, and stalked by various indigenous predators, Riddick must overcome a cave full of poisonous scorpion-like creatures in order to hide, re-hydrate and heal. He befriends an infant canine along the way,…

  • Riddick 3 Plot Revealed

    Last week saw the announcement that Riddick 3 was definitely underway, and we have to say, we’re pretty gosh darn sort of ish not really excited about it. Oh come on, it’s Riddick 3! How much more snarling can Vin Diesel have in him? A lot more, apparently. After stating that this time around the plot would go ‘back to basics’, today The Hollywood Reporter has revealed a lot more details. And it’s.. well… not exactly what we thought of when we heard ‘basics’.