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  • Top 10 Summer Movies

    Oh hello there Summer. How y’doing? Whatcha been up to? Sure is nice to see you. So how long do you reckon you’ll – oh, you’ve gone.
    It came, it went and, in honour of the sun’s fleeting but glorious presence, we’ve compiled our Top 10 Summer Movies. So next time watching the Female Greco-Roman Wrestling or the preliminary rounds of the Women’s Lightweight Snatch (yep, totally real) doesn’t appeal to you, hunker down with one of these.

  • Casa de mi Padre

    Will Ferrell flexes his language skills and breaks out the bootlace ties for this Spanish-language action/comedy mezcla. Ever wanted to see some of Mexico’s most critically acclaimed actors charge around like they’re in a dire 70s soap opera whilst Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite says “I like bitches” over and over again? YOU’RE IN LUCK! Dodge the bullets and the dud gags and you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

  • Miss Bala

    In this fast-paced drama from executive producers Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal and Diego Luna, Stephanie Sigman stars as a willowy Mexican lass whose dream of becoming Miss Baja California is put on hold by her unexpected meeting with a violent cartel leader. Think Miss Congeniality, but with brutal gangland reprisals and a bit of rape.

  • Interview with Abel director Diego Luna

    This week sees the release of respected actor Diego Luna’s directorial fiction debut, Abel. It has been attracting some great reviews, and when the opportunity came along to meet the man behind the film we jumped at the chance. Here the director discusses his artistic influences, twisted realities and making children cry…

  • Abel

    Excellent directorial fiction debut from well-known actor Diego Luna, Abel is a comedy which is by turns charming, powerful and absorbing. Unlikely to be given a wide release, this is well worth seeking out if a cinema in your area is screening it.