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  • Cheat Sheet: Nancy Meyers

    Eat up your learning kids, it’s ever so good for you and you’ll get a biscuit after. This week we’re talking a little about writer, director and producer Nancy Meyers – once the most successful female director of all time and cheesecake entrepreneur. Confused? READ ON.

  • Pixar’s first female director leaves production

    Pixar’s relationship with women has always had a slight question-mark over it- after all, its undeniable that they’ve yet to include a single lead female character in their impressive repertoire. Their next film, Brave would have been the first to have a female director. Power to the girls, and all that. However, rumour now has it that Chapman has left the studio, leaving the director’s chair empty. Is it simply a case of creative differences, or is there something more sinister at play?

  • David Yates to direct The Hobbit?

    Crimety, it seems the team of The Hobbit are taking a lot of inspiration from LOTR – the only thing missing from this endles production quest is a tromp around Mordor. With various stoppings, stallings, funding problems and director drop-outs, we’re beginning to wonder whether The Hobbit will ever get made. And the most recent rumour? That David Yates – director of the last four Harry Potter films – will step up to helm it.

  • Drew Barrymore to Surrender Dorothy?

    Drew Barrymore has cast an interested eye over a project entitled Surrender Dorothy, in which a young girl discovers she is the great, great granddaughter of Dorothy. She finds her ruby red slippers and must use them to stop the Wicked Witch of the West from seizing control of Earth and Oz. Apparently Drew first thought to play the lead herself, but its now looking like she’s more interested in directing – a smart move considering the strength of her directorial debut Whip It.

  • Madonna Gives Directing Another Try

    After the horrible failure of Madonna’s directorial debut (she had a directorial debut? We know, we missed it too), it seems that the queen of pop is ready to give it another try. The story she’s got her eye on is that of Wallis Simpson; the American socialite whom King Edward VIII abdicated the throne for in the 1930s. She has been described as both a “greedy snob” and a “sexual predator”.