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  • Pine Ridge

      Pine Ridge follows a group of young Native American Oglala Sioux living on the eponymous South Dakota reservation, collecting their stories as they bum around gas stations and reservoirs..

  • Fire in the Blood

    Fire in the Blood is a documentary about injustice. The unjust decision to favour the maintenance of profits over the maintenance of people; the unjust decision to allow millions of lives to be extinguished while counting up the value of profits achieved by making that decision. It is about how while the light went out of the eyes of millions who could have been kept with us, some of their fellow human beings battled against the prevailing dark. Justice is a light that profit attempts to extinguish, but it survives undimmed as long as some people know what it is. Fire in the Blood is an attempt to make people remember.

  • Welcome to the World

    A touching, often heartbreaking documentary on the conditions that women around the world are forced to give birth in, as well as looking at the life chances of the babies lucky enough to survive childbirth. With incredible access, Welcome to the World shows us how fortunate we are to have made it even past our first birthday.

  • Room 237

    Coinciding with this Friday’s release of the extended US cut of The Shining, Room 237 delves into the puzzles, patterns and riddles found in Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece. By turns insightful, hilarious and (literally) out of this world, Rodney Ascher’s documentary is a cinephile’s dream. Or nightmare, depending on how deep you’re willing to dig.

  • Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

    As sweet a story as you’d expect for the origins of the World’s Nicest Puppet, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey just about manages to win you over with its saccharine rags-to-expensive-felt tale. Sure, it’s more of a celebration of the golden days of Jim Henson Productions than anything else, but with Elmo at the helm it was fairly unlikely this documentary was ever going to explore the back alleys of Sesame Street…

  • Better This World

    A documentary focused around two young men charged with terrorism offences in the midst of the 2008 Republican National Convention, Better This World uses a combination of thoroughly gathered interviews and written record to provide a startling look at America’s escalated approach to internal security. Gripping viewing.

  • Two Years at Sea

    Two Years at Sea, the latest art piece from Ben Rivers, follows the daily habits of the reclusive Jake Williams. As one of the last remaining wild-men, Jake’s story is inspiring, uplifting and needlessly dull.

  • The Island President

    Argh! Climate change, we’re all gonna die! Well, actually some people in the Maldives might. Sorry to make it all gloomy but if, like me, you thought that climate change was just another thing happening in the world, then you should watch this; an insightful documentary about a man determined not to give in to the potential catastrophes of global warming.