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  • Prey

    A typical hunting trip in the woods goes awry when a few argumentative men become the victims, or ‘prey’, of a group of infected and bloodthirsty beasts. Devoid of any filmmaking conviction, Prey feels like Dog Soldiers meets Jurassic Park meets Animal Farm. Failing to scare or even entertain, this rural horror is so tame that for all its narrative coherence it should simply be called ‘Attack of the Toothy Pigs’.

  • From Hollywood to Holyrood – Scotland in film

    While Scotland has a relatively extensive cinematic history, from movies about Nessie to The Stone Of Destiny, it also has a tendency to crop up in less expected places. Should you ever plan to visit our highlands and lochs, we wouldn’t want you taking Hollywood’s word and expecting a populace of alcoholic gingers, nor any of the following. As such, we celebrate Burns Night with eight of the most random Scottish cameos in cinema history.

  • The Descent: Part 2

    The gore-splattered sequel to 2005’s The Descent, which provided some genuine chills and the fuzzy feeling you get from a British film doing well, sadly isn’t quite up to the high standard set by the original.