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  • Dragon

    Donnie Yen is Jet Li 15 years ago. A feat of martial arts engineering yet to be discovered by the mainstream masses. So when someone tells you to go check out the new film by Peter Ho-Sun Chan (the mastermind behind Bodyguards and Assassins and The Warlords) featuring Donnie Yen, you do so with a certain skip in your step. You don’t expect to come out the other side on a stumble, feeling just a little disappointed while still pleasantly surprised. Confused? Let me explain…

  • The Lost Bladesman

    The Lost Bladesman is based on the real life of ancient Hong Kong warrior Guan Yo as he reluctantly fights his way through the civil war that ended in the collapse of the Han Dynasty. Packed with gore, fighting and fancy swordplay, it has everything that a self-respecting Hong Kong action movie should have.