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  • Touching Wild Horses

    A gentle family film depicting the relationship between a young boy and the aunt he is sent to live with, set on the beautiful Sable Island. The film deals with family relationships, the destructive power of nature and redemption through love. Not as gushing as it sounds, this is a touching story beautifully shot.

  • CSI: Las Vegas Season 10

    CSI: Las Vegas returns for Season 10, and the seedy location allows for some casino-based antics, wanderings in the desert, and enough dead prostitutes to start a zombie army. The American crime drama contains some good special effects, but even Morpheus can’t rescue the series from tired storylines and a lack of character development.

  • The Thin Red Line (1964)

    Looked at your DVD collection and realised you’re missing some good old war epics? Never fear, as Best for Film brings you the review of this re-release of the 1964 classic The Thin Red Line. Grab your gun and don’t leave a man behind for this first time adaptation of James Jones’s book of the same name.

  • Decision Before Dawn

    A unique take on a World War II film, Decision Before Dawn charts two Germans as they become double agents for the American army. With a realistic location, fine performances, and the natural tension that accompanies any spy plot, this war drama is well worth a viewing.

  • F

    Johannes Roberts’ F is definitely heading the right way for an ASBO. A teacher who’s lost his bottle after a particularly nasty run in with a classroom thug finds himself on the wrong end of some corporal punishment from some hooded slashers. Desperately searching the deserted school for his daughter, Mr. Anderson (not that Mr. Anderson) embarks upon some extra curricular activities that will leave your skin crawling.

  • Brotherhood

    As a convenience store robbery/ frat boy prank goes horribly wrong, Adam (Trevor Morgan) decides that he really doesn’t want to join Sigma Zeta Chi after all, he’d much rather join a sorority. Far less violent. Until the chocolate goes missing that is.

  • Killers

    If Robert Luketic’s action-packed romantic comedy is to be believed – and it is an almighty stretch – men are capable of hiding everything from their nearest and dearest. In the case of the film’s charming hero, he manages to meet, woo and marry the woman of his dreams without revealing a vital part of his genetic make-up. His unsuspecting wife will definitely regret her wedding vows to love him ’til death us do part, and to be honest, we regret paying the ticket price.

  • Metalocalypse – Season 2 – DVD

    Another short-cartoon series from the people at Adult Swim, Metalocalypse is just as odd as you might expect. Playing like This Is Spinal Tap crossed with the most violent comic book you’ve ever read, it is simultaneously a celebration and send-up of heavy metal culture. Utilising an approach that is both daft and darker than coal, the series showcases not just the idiocy of its protagonists – petulant death metal band, Dethklok – but also the widest array of horrific concepts you’re ever likely to see. What’s worse; a man who eats live babies, or an irresponsible metal band running amok? Watching this DVD may be the only way to find out.

  • Involuntary

    First time Swedish director/writer Ruben Ostlund is probably feeling very smug. Highly acclaimed and multi award-winning, Involuntary uses crafty shots and uncomfortable everyday situations (welcome to my life) to present five stories, each with their own potential disasters. With possible real life situations told through creative framing, it’s like watching a film through the eyes of a stalker. Creepy. Unless you are a stalker. Then enjoy.