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  • Four Lions

    We’re happy to see that Chris Morris’s fantastic Four Lions has reached its well deserved place in the DVD top ten. Simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking and terrifyingly intelligent, this attack on stupidity itself is vital viewing for every one of us.

  • Invictus: DVD Review

    Director Clint Eastwood has done it again with Invictus, a wonderfully uplifting film that follows the true story of Nelson Mandela’s quest to reuinte his fractured country through the peaceful bonds of of giant men bashing into each other.

  • The Book Of Eli: DVD Review

    It’s always a risk when film-makers decide to try and attach heavily religious messages to blockbusters, and it doesn’t get more heavy-handed than in The Book Of Eli. Sadly, this post-apocalyptic story of one man’s quest to bring Jesus-based enlightenment to a wretched humanity comes off as what it is; a sermon with added guns.

  • Alice In Wonderland: DVD Review

    Alice had the best opening week in US history, grossing $116 million and getting rave reviews for it’s gloriously inventive visuals. There’s no denying that visually, Alice is a treat. But despite the exuberant effects, play with perspective and 3D glory, it cannot be denied that in terms of story, Alice is more than lacking.

  • Sherlock Holmes: DVD Review

    So 2009’s Holmes certainly got the full Ritchie treatment – the question is, did it work? In our opinion, the result wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. Sure, there are a lot of action sequences, and the staid Holmes of old seems now to have morphed into a buff athlete and martial arts expert played by Robert Downey Jr. Yet despite this, we were hard-pressed to find a moment in the entire film where we weren’t either having a chuckle or glued to the screen.

  • The Men Who Stare At Goats: DVD Review

    We love George Clooney. If there was ever a man who looks like he could build a log cabin using wood he chopped himself, mixing a martini at the same time, while wearing a tux with a perfectly crafted bow tie, it’s him. Seriously, which other actor could come back from the horror that was Batman & Robin to be one of Hollywood’s leading men? And if you don’t think that’s impressive, go ask Val Kilmer how life is treating him post Bruce Wayne duty.

  • Avatar DVD Breaks Records

    So, in the US, Avatar has broken records for the fastest selling DVD of all time, selling 6.7 million DVD and Blu-Rays in its opening four days. It snatches the record away from The Dark Knight, which previously held it with which sold 2.7 million on its opening day, 500,000 copies shy of Avatar’s 3.2 million.

  • Dead Man Running

    A small-time crook is given a week to rustle up the money he owes to a serious big fish, or else his loved one gets it. It’s not exactly a premise of shocking originality, but Dead Man Running is a perfectly enjoyable beat-em-up ask-em-later romp that will satisfy those just looking for a bit of fun, innit gunva.

  • Odeon Reverses Alice Boycott!

    In a shocking U-Turn, Odeon cinemas have decided to reverse the boycott of Burton’s Alice In Wonderland they announced earlier in the week. A battle has been raging between UK distibutors and Disney for the last couple of weeks, and with this final news, it looks like there’s no defeating the House Of Mouse.