Articles Posted in the " East is East " Category

  • All In Good Time

    This new family-centred comedy from the writer of East is East is sweet, charming and occasionally surprising but suffers from the transition from stage to screen. Slack in the middle and overly repetitious, All in Good Time ultimately feels like a small amount of material stretched over too much screen time.

  • Everywhere and Nowhere

    Ash loves music and his tunes are brilliant (who knew bhangra drum and bass had such a large following). He dreams of one day breaking away from his oppressively traditional parents and DJing to massive crowds. His friends are all first generation British Asians and each are facing difficulty in juggling the two lifestyles they lead.

  • West is West

    In 1999, the award-winning East is East provided an extraordinary snapshot into the trials and tribulations of growing up as a mixed race teenager in the 1970s. Eleven years on, and time has only moved on by five years for George Khan and his brood; now cheeky ten-year-old Sajid is a truculent teenager. George takes Sajid to Pakistan in an attempt to recover his roots, but finds far more there than he expected.