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  • Missing

    Director Kim Sung-Hong treads an oft-travelled path with this vicious tale “inspired” by true events. That claim could well be disputed but Missing does boast a genuinely creepy central performance by Moon Sung-Keun as a farmer with an eye for the ladies and an original idea on what constitutes quality chicken feed. No wonder their eggs taste so good!

  • Cherry Tree Lane

    The latest offering from Paul Andrew Williams (known for 2006’s London to Brighton), it would be difficult to describe Cherry Tree Lane as the sort of film anybody would watch for enjoyment. The story of a London couple held hostage in their own home by some seriously disgruntled youths, it is uncomfortable viewing from start to finish; rarely has there been a film that could make you feel more horrified at what is happening onscreen. You won’t want to watch and yet, curiously, this is precisely why you must.