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  • Top 10 Glasses in Movies

    Glasses. They’re weird, aren’t they? Bits of plastic or glass slapped over your stupid face that either serve a purpose by bending light in the exact way that your warped and pathetic eyeballs fail to do, or they serve no purpose other than to obscure your epidermis. Why would anyone bother compiling a list of glasses? Because we’re Best For Film AND THAT’S HOW WE ROLL.

  • Maniac

    You know the end is truly near when even little indie pics opt to remake rather than create anew. Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac is in fact a slightly artier version of William Lustig’s 1980 horror flick of the same name. The original was nominated for a Saturn Award and inspired Dennis Matkosky to compose the song “Maniac” of Flashdance fame. With the 2013 version we get essentially the same plot with only a slightly unusual choice in filming to make it stand apart.

  • Cheat Sheet: Elijah Wood

    Pint-sized thespian Elijah Wood has gone all serial killer in his latest film Maniac, but there’s so much more to this blue-eyed boy. A deep love of music, for example; or the fact that he’s not bad at tickling the old ivories. DID YOU KNOW THESE THINGS? If not, browse through our Cheat Sheet and get to know the man behind Baggins a bit better.

  • Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks #14 – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    This is the final part of a trilogy of equally amazing films, but because it is the culmination of a series of dark and dangerous events is PRECISELY why it is so brilliant. When films have a satisfying payoff full of delicious goodness, a climax that rewards you for taking the time to watch it; it’s like eating your favourite dinner then sitting back and revelling in that ‘just full enough’ feeling. There are few films that do this better than Return of the King.

  • Horror Films 2013 – our Top 10 picks

    According to statistics, you guys just can’t get enough of scaring yourselves shitless. Always keen to please, us lovely folks at BFF have collaborated a Top 10 list of the best horror films we think will be worth crapping your pants for this year. And with Texas Chainsaw 3D thoroughly shoved under the carpet forever, we can start with some decent horrors. Sadly, Jesus Hates Zombies didn’t make the cutting. So what did?

  • Celeste and Jesse Forever

    Lee Toland Krieger, well-versed in the doctrines of ‘indie’, offers us yet another spin on the rom-com genre. Written by co-stars Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, Celeste and Jesse Forever is, at certain points, an endearing and unique take on relationships and heartbreak, but at others resorts to the conventional mainstays of the genre. (Oh hello, embarrassing wedding speech, we haven’t seen you in a while, except from ALL THE BLOODY TIME.)

  • Cheat Sheet: Daniel Craig

    Winner of Esquire Magazine’s coveted Best Dressed Male award in 2006 and achieving 7th in Elle Magazine’s 15 Sexiest Men poll in 2007, Daniel Craig is known for little else. What’s that? James Bond you say? Never heard of it.