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  • Super 8

    Nostalgic for the good old days of The Goonies and Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Never fret – JJ Abrams has written a love letter to Steven Spielberg that sprinkles the ‘only kids can truly understand’ formula with a dusting of real monster magic. Old-timers will breathe a sigh of relief, new bloods will wish they lived in a time when you biked to visit your friend just next door, fabrics came in seven hot variations of ‘mustard’ and cool kids had walkie talkies not iPhones.

  • Somewhere

    If you were one of those people that thought Lost In Translation was just too chock-full of jokes, Somewhere is for you. Fans of Sofia Coppola will probably be won over by this gentle tale of a film star and his slow burning existential crisis, but for the rest of us, its just more of the same self-satisfied, time-munching film-glaze. A few nice moments create the skeleton of a good film, but sadly it’s just never fleshed out enough for us to get a grip on it.