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  • Interview! We talked to Tarun Thind, director of English

    Independent shorts about urban culture are dime-a-dozen. Dime-a-baker’s-dozen, even. English, however, managed to surprise us; it looks like everything you expected, down to the furry hoods and freestyle rapping, right up until the moment when it doesn’t. Brought to us by talented director Tarun Thind, we were so impressed with the film that we absolutely had to bag an interview with the man himself! Offering insight into a thought-provoking and uncomfortable viewing experience, we’ve got all the answers you’ll definitely be wanting once you see it.

  • Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the English version?

    You know us English types. If there’s one thing we hate, it’s reading subtitles. Reading? Are you mad? Why should we? Let the rest of the world not understand, goddammit, we’re just going to shut our eyes and hold up a big ol’ stop sign to international culture. Thank goodness then, that an English speaking version of Swedish mega-hit The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is being made. And it’s even got an initial release date – of December 2011.