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  • Glasgow Film Festival

    Contents of a classic Glaswegian Film Festival: Contains Music, a smattering of Youth Films, several heaped tablespoons of Short Films, a dash of Frightfest, and an independent magazine. Serves two annual awards. Now that’s a huge great big belly-full of Film delights.

  • Halloween Film Events 2010. Get them before they get you. And they will.

    Here at Best For Film, we want you to be prepared. Halloween comes but once a year, creeping up on you whilst you are distracted by the changing weather and the slow realisation that it’s not acceptable to wander around in your bikini because SUMMER IS OVER. And we would hate for you to miss out on super cool Halloween things due to a lack of preparation. So here it is, champs; a list of Halloween film events for you and me and all to share.

  • Halloween Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2010

    14-17 Oct. Whattaya gonna do? Hang around wishing it was Halloween already – or gather your entourage of scary film freaks and descend on a Hammer Horror film festival in Whitby, Dracula’s spiritual home? Revel in Victoriana, gloomy windswept seas, vampire masquerade balls and tea houses galore as this pretty coastal town is taken over by horror films for one pre-Halloween weekend only.

  • The Scoop: Free Film Festival

    From the 15th September – 1st October The Scoop are hosting FREE open air film screenings at More London – the riverside London amphitheatre. And not just any films. Good freaking films. Hurrah for free! Hurrah for films! Hurrah for good!