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  • The Collector

    The Saw films have turned wanton cruelty into an annual event, with a seventh instalment in the series due this Halloween. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, screenwriters of Saw IV, V and VI, evidently aren’t satisfied with the carnage they have already wrought, so they have co-written this equally grisly tale about a robbery that turns unexpectedly nasty.

  • 3D Cinema Will Cost Us More

    It turns out that what we’ve all been worried about is pretty much true. According to a report by a Wall Street media analyst, we should expect price hikes of as much as 26% ahead of the release of How to Train Your Dragon, which opens in 3D around the US on Friday. Depressing stuff.

  • The 5 Lessons Hollywood Teaches Kids About Life

    There’s a lot to worry about when it comes to the delicate, supple young minds of our children. But rather than bubblewrapping the family computer and locking the shed, maybe we should look a bit deeper into what kids films tell our children about life. We’ve examined (in great, hasty detail) the classic films kids love to watch and we must say, the results are urine-inducing…