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  • THE KINGDOM Series 1-2

    THE KINGDOM TV Series 1-2 is a compelling surreal drama by Lars Von Trier, with demons taking an interest in a vast Danish hospital. Quite unmissable (especially for fans of Twin Peaks) and now available in a Collector’s DVD Box Set.

  • WIN: ABEL on DVD x 3!

    Guillermo del Toro fans will be delighted with ABEL, a fantastical film about a mute Mexican boy who starts speaking in the manner of his mother’s missing partner. We have 3 x ABEL DVDs to give away! Competition ends 16 May 2011.

  • WIN: ENTER THE VOID DVDS and posters!

    Enter the Void is the highly anticipated new film from the French New Wave director of Irreversible. If you want something groundbreaking and technically a cinematological head trip, we have Enter the Void DVDs and posters to give away! Competition ends 26 April 2011.

  • Norwegian Ninja

    You’d never expect action comedy Norwegian Ninja to live up to the glorious premise of its supercheese title. And yet this absurdist masterpiece from the producers of Dead Snow really does. Full of Norwegians, ninja and so, so much more…

  • Caged

    A trio of doctors take a detour… only to find themselves kidnapped and caged by masked men for unknown purposes. A paucity of gore is balanced by an unnervingly effective excess of tension in this high quality French torture porn horror…

  • WIN: 3 x 3Some DVDs!

    3SOME (rated 15) is a Spanish drama based on a love triangle of idealistic students who discover their menage a trois can’t survive in the real world. What price must we pay to satisfy our desires? We have 3 copies to give away! Competition ends 9 April 2011.

  • Waste Land

    Fancy a nice little documentary about the biggest trash dump in the world? Get ready for a Cinderella story with true grit, a wonderful cast and an improbably big heart…

  • Ajami

    “A city in conflict” reads the tag line, but that doesn’t even begin to cover the violent nature of Jaffa’s Ajami neighbour hood. Ajami attempts to capture the lives of various families caught up in this lethal religious boiling pot.

  • The Stoning of Soraya M

    A heavy handed portrayal of a brutal true story. Whilst it struggles to lend any real depth to some of its central characters, this offering from writer/director Cyrus Nowrasteh is a powerful depiction that sticks in the mind. Prepare for conspiracy, betrayal, guilt and one of the most horrific on-screen deaths imaginable.

  • 10 Best foreign films of 2010

    Here at Best For Film towers, we wish ‘foreign films’ weren’t labelled and segregated as such. But let’s bring those hidden gems out into the light. Here’s our list of the top 10 best foreign films in 2010!