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  • TGIM! Safar Arab Cinema Festival

    It’s Monday and it’s raining. It’s a fair bet you’re not going to be popping over to Kew Gardens anytime soon so why not take this opportunity to educate yourself on the undiscovered terrains of Arabic cinema? There will be discussions and screenings galore and a daring selection of Arabic film to cut your cinematic tooth on. Thank God it’s Monday!

  • The Watch

    Riddled with more polished, well-executed and genuinely laugh-out-loud comedic moments than many of its contemporary predecessors, as a showcase for veteran funnymen Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, The Watch is ideal. However, by trying to force square emotional pegs in round comic holes, The Watch suffers under the pressure to prove its legitimacy by incorporating a “depth” which is both unnecessary and poorly-executed.

  • Four Lions

    We’re happy to see that Chris Morris’s fantastic Four Lions has reached its well deserved place in the DVD top ten. Simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking and terrifyingly intelligent, this attack on stupidity itself is vital viewing for every one of us.

  • Four Lions

    With his potentially disastrous “terrorist-comedy” Four Lions Chris Morris has managed to create a rare and beautiful thing – a film that, in my opinion, could not be improved. An unflinching attack on stupidity itself, his mastery of both comedy and tragedy is breathtaking to behold. Quite simply, a must-see.

  • Releases Coming Soon

    You know what we enjoy doing? Going to the future. We also enjoy going back to the future, but we’ve had copyright problems with that before. The point is, we’ve risked life and limb to discover what films are hitting our screens in upcoming weeks. Don’t ask us how we’ve done it. All we’ll say is that the Wikipedia Towers of the future are a terrifying and overly bear-guarded place. So, should you save our pennies for an upcoming epic, or splurge like there’s no tomorrow on the flicks out now? We’ve got the answers right here.

  • Preview: The Infidel

    Out next week, David Baddiel’s The Infidel promises to be “a comedy of ethnic proportions”. With jokes like that, they’re already laughing. Sort of. So what is the low down on this Muslim/Jewish hoot-fest? We wanted to find out before we watched…