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  • Top 5 book to film adaptations ever

    We all love a good book. We all love a good film. But we all hate a bad adaptation. This year, major releases such as Brighton Rock and The Rum Diary (not to mention the final episode of the Harry Potter series), are due to attract big numbers in the box office. But with a plethora of books flying from the shelf to our cinema screens, what makes a good adaptation?

  • RIP Sally Menke and Arthur Penn

    Director Arthur Penn, the man behind Bonnie and Clyde, has died in New York, hours after reaching his 88th birthday. It is the latest news in what has already been a sad week for film, which has also seen the death of Quentin Tarantino’s long-time editor, Sally Menke.

  • Tetro

    In Tetro, we are given a fascinating and absorbing insight into a family plagued by regret, paralysed by rivalry and past betrayal. Unfortunately, though using highly personal material makes Coppola’s film shine, it also holds it back from real achievement.