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  • Life in Stop Motion Animation

    Stop motion animation is by far one of the most painstaking pursuits a film maker can employ to tell a story. Yet the industry maintains many big fans, none more famous than Tim Burton, who’s currently directing a stop motion remake of his second short film; a half-hour live action about a boy and his dog titled Frankenweenie. Best for Film got to chat to Steven Warne, one of the budding animators of Burton’s project, about his love of animation.

  • 13 Upcoming animated movies in 2011

    2011 is the year of the toon, bringing us animated movies galore from Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks and their like whether we want it or not. Here’s our rundown of animations due to hit the box office in 2011. Think we missed one? Let us know. Our word for today is ‘completist’.