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  • Top 5 London film festivals this autumn

    London has been used frequently as a filming location, from historical recreations of Dickens’ London to Woody Allen’s existential dramas like Match Point and romantic comedies such as Bridget Jones’ Diary, we know the city and cinema maintain a long-term relationship. Apart from an endless list of film settings, London also offers cinema lovers a full calendar of international film events. Featured writer Marta López shares 5 upcoming – and unmissable – London film events.

  • UK Film Events This November

    Since you all seemed to like our October Film Events blog (you lazy scamps), we’ve decided to make a habit of it. Read now, or be accused of wagon-jumping in a year’s time when BFF’s Film Events Blog is the new Time Out and Stephen Fry’s claiming he meets hygienic and available gentlemen in the comments thread. From Jewish festivals to Welsh horror, we’ve got it all!