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  • The Dardenne brothers

    You probably won’t have heard of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Maybe you vaguely recall them picking up a few awards at Cannes, but the filmmakers have somewhat flown under the radar of the international press. Here we celebrate the Belgian duo’s remarkable socio-realist films.

  • In Their Sleep

    Things start to get all twisty-turny for the mourning Sarah when she happens across a young man running for his life. Tuck yourself in for this French Horror/Thriller from the sibling directors Caroline and Éric du Potet. Who said that subtitles ruin a good bit of tension? Well, buy them a drink from me, because they were right. But don’t worry, hardly anyone says anything.

  • Cinématon – You got a spare 155 hours?

    If you thought Gone With The Wind was long, then brace yourselves because Cinématon takes the biscuit. Later this month it will screened publicly for the first time in Avignon France before appearing across cinemas internationally. Now as much as we love films, we can’t think of anything worse than going to the cinema to watch a six day long silent movie.