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  • Friday Drinking Game #9 – The Lord Of The Rings

    Guess what?! Seven days have gone by since your last film related paralytic coma and now it’s time for another! Yay! If you haven’t quite recovered yet don’t worry, there’s nothing like the old hair of the dog to make your liver go numb and completely forget it’s working overtime to try and fix the damage you did to it one week ago. Sit back bottle in hand (don’t bother finding a glass, you won’t be needing it) enjoy a good ol’ flick, then lose any memory of ever watching it.

  • Friday Drinking Game #7 – Avatar

    What better way to wash away your bitter memories of another wasted week than by drinking yourself into oblivion in front of the most obscenely overrated film of all time? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be paralytic by the time Sam Worthington takes his first steps as a big catmonkey smurf bastard. It’s the Drinking Game.

  • Friday Drinking Game #5 – Charlie Sheen

    You’ve probably spent all week talking about Charlie Sheen, the most high-profile man to have a spectacular mental collapse since Mel Gibson got all boring and racist. With that in mind, we thought we’d ride the zeitgeist by channelling some of his most poignant wisdom and making it into crude reasons why you should get pissed. Bish bash bosh.

  • Friday Drinking Game #4 – Notting Hill

    Something for the ladies this week… those sweet, gentle ladies who want to get gloriously, chundunderingly wankered. In short, the best kind of ladies. This week, how to drink like a roughly-tattooed captain if all you’ve got in stock is Hugh Grant wearing a variety of demure shirts.

  • Friday Drinking Game #3 – Star Wars

    It’s Friday, and that liver isn’t going to reduce itself! But going down the pub is such a cliché, and angels cry whenever you finish a bottle of something alone in your room. So why not consume alcohol the way it was meant to be consumed? In a living room, with a group of friends if you’re lucky enough to have some of those, watching some film you’ve seen a thousand times before – but never like THIS. This week it’s the original Star Wars trilogy – enjoy!

  • Friday Drinking Game #2 – Back to the Future

    It’s a Friday! And you know what that means – it’s time to punish your liver for being such a bastard. If you don’t have solid evidence that your liver is a bastard, just take a leaf out of the Met’s book and assume that it is because at least one other liver somewhere, sometime, was. What about those goose livers, eh? Fat, lazy bumders. We hate livers almost as much as the police hate students! And there’s only one way to bring together those two very disparate loathings – a drinking game.

  • Friday Drinking Game #1 – Period Films

    TGIF!!! In celebration of the week’s natural end, we’ve decided to make this day all about the alcohol. We’ve got the drunken, ill-informed Friday Face/Off, and now we’ve got our Friday drinking game. Grab some friends (or do it on your own, if you feel so inclined), get the Lambrini lined up, and consider yourself sozzled.