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  • John Dies At The End

    Who are you going to call when that guy you murdered returns your axe, your door-handle turns into a penis or you’re saved from near-certain death by your girlfriend’s dog? John Dies At The End may not have the answer, but it does have about a million other equally important questions.

  • Glasgow Film Festival 2013: Round-Up #1

    With the Glasgow Film Festival commencing its 9th year, we sent along two of our Highland based contributors to bring you their verdict on the line-up. Patrick Harley, determined to see an obscene amount of films over a short period of time, will be using what seconds he has spare to provide round-ups as the festival proceeds. Meanwhile when the festival ends, the fun continues, with Steven Neish on hand to select his Best of the Fest – unmissable gems you’ll be rushing to see when they come to a cinema near you. Here’s what happened on Patrick’s first day…