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  • Student of the Year

    A distinctly Western drama/rom-com, Karan Johar’s Student of the Year is a bright and breezy affair, lacking in story and innovation, but brimming with colour, humour and brilliant performances from it’s young cast. Overlong, and at times predictable, Student of the Year is nevertheless a fun way to spend a few hours, whether you’ve ever seen a Bollywood film before or not.

  • Monte Carlo

    Justin Bieber’s babyfaced – yet surprisingly deep-voiced – squeeze Selena Gomez takes the lead in Tom Bezucha’s new high-concept teen comedy. There’s lashings of dreamy suitors and pretty dresses galore, but the only real sparkle to be found belongs to a rather fancy Bulgari necklace.

  • I Am Number Four

    Neatly bridging the gap between this year’s glut of sci-fi films and the ongoing demand for unusual teenagers who, like, can’t fit in because they’re vampires (or werewolves or gay or whatever else), I Am Number Four will certainly be popular. Michael Bay should be crucified for ruining yet another film with his stupid flashing lights, but who cares when there’s a hunky alien loose?

  • Rocky Horror Remake. Gleek Off, Ryan Murphy.

    No, no, NO! This cannot be happening. Why can’t they just leave The Rocky Horror Picture Show ALONE? And why in the name of all things good would they let Glee creator, Ryan Murphy get his horrible eating, praying and loving mitts on it? Lock him in a Coca Cola freezer, I say.

  • Emma Stone to play Mary Jane in Spider-Man reboot?

    It has been reported today that Emma Stone, the cute yet surprisingly husky voiced actress from Superbad and Zombieland, will “imminently” be offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in Sony Pictures’ upcoming Spider-Man reboot. But will she even be the film’s love interest? Oh, what a tangled web we weave!