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  • Top 10 reasons to hate Gone with the Wind

    Eagle-eyed readers of Best For Film may recall that earlier in the week I broke down my ten best reasons for loving Gone with the Wind. Like men and Scarlett O’Hara, however, GWTW and I have a tempestuous relationship: i.e. I love her, but she is a proper bitch. She makes me feel things I don’t want to feel! She’s super racist! She’s incredibly manipulative! She’s horrible to women! She’s really generally unpleasant! Anyway, because of this, it seemed sort of a lie to give you my ten reasons to love it, without my ten reasons to hate it. HERE WE GO.

  • Top 10 reasons to love Gone with the Wind

    This November, the impossibly iconic 1939 film Gone with the Wind – digitally restored by Warner Bros – will once again appear in cinemas to mark the centenary of Vivien Leigh’s birth. Best For Film’s tribute is a little less flashy but equally heartfelt; in this blog, Ella Risbridger counts down her top ten reasons why (despite it being utterly morally repugnant) she loves Gone with the Wind.

  • Top 10 Screen Couples

    Valentine’s Day has arrived. Yuck. However, if we’re very lucky, the Mayans could have correctly predicted 2012 to be the end of the world and, therefore, this will be the last V Day we’re ever subjected to. No more simpering teddies clutching hearts, no more tacky cards, no more bad-tasting chocolate hearts and no more wilting flowers. Hurray! To celebrate the (potentially) last Valentine’s Day ever, we’ve decided to count down our favourite silver screen lovers…

  • The Top 20 Films We Want Back On The Big Screen

    Did you know that The Lion King 3D will be hitting cinemas nationwide on the 7th October. And did you know that Jurassic Park is returning to the silver screen this Friday? Did you get that? JURASSIC PARK is returning to the silver screen on FRIDAY! We here at BFF couldn’t be any more excited and, to celebrate the rekindling of our love affair with dinosaurs (dinosaurs, in this case, meaning OLD movies) we’ve compiled a list of the Top 20 films we want to see back on the big screen…