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  • Great Expectations

    It has been less than a year since Great Expectations hit our telly-boxes via the woebegone institute that is the BBC (the less said about He Who Must Not Be Named, the better), so it makes sense that Mike Newell and the British Broadcasting Corporation have remade it AGAIN for the silver screen. If, of course, by “makes sense” you mean “makes no sense at all”. Expect the usual suspects, lavish costumes and lingering glances in this portion of Dickens Lite for the TOWIE age…

  • TGIM! BFI London Film Festival

    The annual BFI London film festival has arrived to cheer away the doom and gloom of the coming months. Giving Londoners the opportunity to get a look at films they might not ordinarily get the chance to appreciate, the festival has an array of unique and exciting features on offer. We know we say this every week, but this is one experience you really will not want to miss.

  • Top 10 Classic Novels (That Filmmakers Won’t Leave Alone)

    This Friday heralds the release of Andrea Arnold’s new film version of Emily Brontë’s beloved novel, Wuthering Heights. In honour of this occasion, which marks the FIRST TIME anyone has made a film of this book, BFF have compiled a list of…wait, what? What’s that you say? You mean, there’s been a film of Wuthering Heights before?! Seriously, though, here’s a list of the Top 10 classic novels that KEEP GETTING FILMED.