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  • Hobo with a Shotgun

    In this note-perfect take on Italian/US exploitation cinema, a hobo vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas and gang overloads with his trusty pump-action shotgun. He lives on the streets. It’s time to clean them up…

  • Ten Contemporary Incarnations of the Grindhouse Genre

    The grindhouse genre seems to be going through a bit of resurgence recently. The new releases are different from the originals in many aspects, but all manage to capture the gruesome, gritty hilarity that makes the original players so damn addictive. We look at 10 recent films showcasing the future of grindhouse -dragging boobs, guns and gore along with them.

  • Short film of the week: Damn Your Eyes

    Damn Your Eyes is a Grindhouse Western about an eyeless badass cowboy who drinks goat’s milk and goes from town to town exacting bloody revenge on a past wrong. Creative swearing, smoke-filled saloons, Oedipal complexes and blood seeping into sawdust… what more could any Westploitation fan wish for?

  • Drive Angry 3D

    Messy, ridiculous, violent, naked and generally speaking more than a bit on fire, Drive Angry 3D is deep-fried cinema at its most deliciously insane. It never comes close to touching the knowing cool of a Tarantino or Rodriguez feature, but this adrenaline shot of pure grindhouse indulgence is stupidly satisfying all the same. Dead-Man-Revenging Nic Cage is acted off the screen by his excellent supporting cast, but to be honest, when he’s smoking, shagging, killing and growling ALL AT THE SAME TIME it’s difficult to care.

  • Short Film of the Week: Neon Killer

    Benito Robinsoni rose to film short fame with grindhouse movie trailer Slash Hive. We caught him in between feature films (giallo slasher and supernatural cop movie) to froth over Neon Killer, a hilarious nod to the luridly graphic excess of 1970s Poliziotteschi movies. Enjoy every daft and glorious minute!

  • Machete

    Another spectacular from Robert Rodriguez, Machete is based on the popular trailer which accompanied the Grindhouse double bill. An absolute must-see for anyone who likes a good old fashioned exploitation film, although audiences unfamiliar with the previous work may get confused.