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  • The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

    People have jams nowadays don’t they? Like, they don’t have interests or hobbies, they have jams? Don’t lie to me, I know it’s true, I’ve seen it on the Twitter – “so and so is my jam”, “this song is totally my JAM!” – yeah? Well, in the spirit of seeming up to date, Werner Herzog is most definitely my jam.

  • Top 10 Best and Worst Cross-Species Pairings

    The recent release of Super 8, in which [SPOILER] Joe Lamb and his little girlfriend Alice form a psychic connection with a magnetic extra-terrestrial, got me thinking about the film industry’s love of bizarre inter-species pairings. So here are some unexpectedly harmonious affinities, and some that should have banished multi-species experimentation to the top shelf.