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  • Les Misérables

    Best For Film has finally Dreamed a Dream of Tom Hooper’s Oscar-baiting epic Les Misérables – and we loved it so much that we’ve decided to never ever see it again. Ever. From the tears and the music to the inexplicable facial hair and surplus of hats, this sprawling superfilm is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Great Expectations

    It has been less than a year since Great Expectations hit our telly-boxes via the woebegone institute that is the BBC (the less said about He Who Must Not Be Named, the better), so it makes sense that Mike Newell and the British Broadcasting Corporation have remade it AGAIN for the silver screen. If, of course, by “makes sense” you mean “makes no sense at all”. Expect the usual suspects, lavish costumes and lingering glances in this portion of Dickens Lite for the TOWIE age…

  • Dark Shadows

    The film of that TV series you’ve never heard of, Dark Shadows does justice to neither its cult classic source material nor the combined talents of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Fifty times longer than its trailer and half as enjoyable, Dark Shadows is one of the most tiresome, derivative and uninspiring movies you’re likely to see this year.