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  • Travellers

    Producer: “Ok, guys, I’ve had the greatest idea for our new film. So I was watching Fight Club, right, and then I saw Big Fat Gypsy Weddings with the missus, and then I saw Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus. And what did I come up with? Only City boys versus gypos in a countryside war. GET IN.”

  • Sanctum 3D

    Thriller Sanctum 3D, produced by James Cameron will ensure that cave diving is swiftly crossed off your bucket list, in its tales of subterranean horror.

  • Short Film of the Week: Neon Killer

    Benito Robinsoni rose to film short fame with grindhouse movie trailer Slash Hive. We caught him in between feature films (giallo slasher and supernatural cop movie) to froth over Neon Killer, a hilarious nod to the luridly graphic excess of 1970s Poliziotteschi movies. Enjoy every daft and glorious minute!

  • The Reef

    The Reef is a masterful, engaging and ultimately harrowing survival thriller billed as ‘the scariest shark movie since Jaws’. Two thumbs up from Best For Film!

  • Dream Home

    Social satire clashes with extreme violence in this vicious slasher film from Hong Kong. A strong sense of black humour runs throughout, but the fact that 3 people out of an audience of 10 left before halfway through the screening tells you all you need to know about the killings on offer in this asian horror.

  • Saw 3D

    The latest 3D offering from the Saw franchise sees another super-gross torture porn splatterfest as the Jigsaw Killer takes out his victims in increasingly inventive ways…

  • 10 Best Halloween Movies of all Time

    Halloween is a time for scary movies with a high sugar and fat content. Cast aside nutritious award-winning scares and shun that well-received Scandinavian or Japanese horror… It’s time to pig out on the scary movie equivalent of tarty/spooky Halloween costumes, apple bobbing and dodgy home-made punch with jelly spiders in it. What does the world want out of a truly great Halloween movie? PURE NONSENSE!