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  • Hot Tub Cinema – we dive into London’s soggiest screening

    In a bid to jump on the festive bandwagon, outré film fans Hot Tub Cinema have begun a week of extra-special Christmas movies in their ultra-luxurious settings. We sent along seasoned BFFer and bubble fan Kayleigh to see if the place really lived up to the hype. Would she find herself immersed in a relaxing pool, amidst refined company and carefully sipping from a flute of champagne as a movie merrily played out on the screen before her? Or was this going to be more no no no than ho ho ho…?

  • TGIM! Hot Tub Cinema

    Kicking off their winter season this week, Hot Tub Cinema is back with a vengeance. Keeping Londoners warm and wet whilst screening classics old and new for our fleshy pleasure, Hot Tub Cinema stands alongside old favourites like Nomad and Secret Cinema as one of the capital’s foremost innovations of unusual nights at the pictures. What could be more enjoyable than spending the evening with your bits submerged in the close proximity of strangers? NOTHING. But is the idea simply too good to be true?