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  • Friday Drinking Game #21 – Sarah Jessica Parker

    Did you think that you had plans for your Friday night? Were you heading out on the razzle with your hip older friends, or dressing up in stockings and suspenders (sort of) against your will, or jumping on a long-distance train journey to somewhere sinister sounding and rainy? Screw that; it’s FRIDAY DRINKING GAME! Today, to mark the release of How Does She Do It, we’ve gone Sarah Jessica Parker crazy; grab your Cosmopolitans, leave your horse comparisons at home and get ready to overload on oestrogen!

  • Cheat Sheet: Rachel Weisz

    Hugely talented, enviably beautiful and married to Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz is the thinking man’s crumpet and the thinking woman’s object of bitter, bitter envy. But what does she get up to when she’s not fighting mummies and winning Oscars? It’s a Tuesday; this must be the Cheat Sheet…

  • Top 10 Worst Bosses in film

    Everybody at some point in their life has had a boss so dreadful that, if given the chance, you really would consider subjecting them to some kind of Saw or Final Destination-esque torture. But in movie land we all know that things are always ten times worse. So to mark the release of Horrible Bosses, we are going to count down the absolute WORST bosses in film.

  • Friday Face/Off: Sandra Bullock

    It’s that time of the week again; that ‘we all want to get home but we’ve agreed to write one of these every Friday – quick, someone pop to the shop for some vitriol and poorly conceived opinions!’ time of the week. Facing off this week are the two GIANTS of Best For Film, and they’re tackling perhaps the most pertinent issue of all: was Two Weeks Notice any good?

  • Top ten films which should be remade by Arnold Schwarzenegger

    We’ve all heard the good news – the Governator has hung up his democratic sash and is preparing to step back into his loincloth/leather jacket/commando boots of unremitting ass-kickery for some new and crunchy films. Among the fifteen projects Arnie is reportedly considering are remakes of Predator and True Lies, as well as yet another Terminator sequel; but we think he should be diversifying…

  • Friday Drinking Game #4 – Notting Hill

    Something for the ladies this week… those sweet, gentle ladies who want to get gloriously, chundunderingly wankered. In short, the best kind of ladies. This week, how to drink like a roughly-tattooed captain if all you’ve got in stock is Hugh Grant wearing a variety of demure shirts.

  • Top Ten Dances in Movie History

    Whether it be Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace breaking it down 1950s style in Pulp Fiction, or Harry and Hermione’s awkward pas de deux in those Potter films, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten dances in movie history. Let their mistakes be your guide to what and what not to do this Friday night down the club.