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  • Did You Hear About the Morgans?

    In these troubling times of global warming, financial crises and that nice Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, it’s comforting to know that one man alone remains staid and unchangeable: Hugh Grant. Luckily, his latest frothy outing, with toast of New York Sarah Jessica Parker, is no exception to his usual bumbling-posh-man charms – this time, he’s heading into the wilds of the American midwest after he and his estranged wife witness a murder and must be relocated into a protection scheme. There’s just as many laughs, albeit predictable ones, as always, so if you’re a Hugh fan, get ready for a fun-filled 90 minnutes spent chuckling into your popcorn.

  • Friday Face/Off: Christmas Films

    In this week’s Face/Off, we turn our attention to Christmas films. Classic feelgood fare or cynical attempt to convert a religious holiday into sweet sweet cash? Our dedicated team of writers take up the stance: optimism vs. pessimism, festive joy vs. humbuggery, Santa vs… well, Satan, we guess.

  • The Ten Lies of the Bromance

    In the age of Ron Burgundy, 40 Year Old Virgins, epic Hangovers and Funny People, it seems everyone is falling back in love with friendship. But how much can we really trust these young scallywags and their adventures? We fear for the hearts and minds of men everywhere…