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  • James McAvoy to play young Xavier

    Whew. This is one prequel that’s getting some serious weight behind it. Last month we reported that X-Men: First Class would be directed and written by the Kick-Ass team Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman, and today it’s been confirmed that Brit star James McAvoy has climed on-board as the young Chales Xavier (originally played by Patrick Stewart).

  • Sir Ian mistaken for a tramp

    So whilst rehearsing for his production of Waiting For Godot in Melbourne, Sir Ian Mckellen nipped outside for some air, sat down and was mistaken for a homeless man by a passerby. That’s the acting power of Sir Ian for you; even when he’s not acting, he literally is

  • Hobbit Filming Delayed… Again

    Sir Ian, how could you bamboozle us so? Last week we reported that filming of The Hobbit would finally be getting underway around July, based on a confident assertion by the wizard with the mostest. It seems that Gandalf’s powers are waning however, as today it’s been reported that filming won’t be starting until the end of the year. And possibly not even then. Sigh.

  • Farewell Dr Xavier

    It looks like Patrick Stewart is hanging up his metal brain-hat, and wheeling that chair into pastures new. He has stated that he will not be reprising his role as Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, after a good run of three pretty mutant-tastic films (four if you count his cameo in Wolverine).

  • Hobbit Heading for Development Hell?

    Planned Hobbit films get year-long delay. Planned for a December 2011 release, Variety hinted that Guillermo del Toro’s highly-anticipated adaptation won’t been seen until the “fourth quarter 2012”. As well as delays in writing the second film’s script, MGM’s upcoming sale has also thrown a spanner into the works.

  • Waiting for Bilbo

    You may have picked up on a recent bit of harrumphing from certain quarters concerning Guilliermo del Toro’s Hobbit film: namely, production has been delayed, it hasn’t been formally greenlit by any studio yet, ergo we’re never going to see it and the world will surely be engulfed by a cleansing fire should a hairy-footed teaser trailer ever make it to Youtube.