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  • Legacy: Black Ops

    When future alien archaeologists dig up the remains of our culture, they’ll find coke cans, packets of exotically and confusingly-flavoured condoms, and many decades’ worth of brutality-based dramas. Who know what they’ll make of Legacy: Black Ops. Perhaps it depends if they’ve seen every single psychological thriller, every single film about espionage and corruption, and every single film about a single, complicated man who people just can’t seem to understand.

  • WIN: 3 x LEGACY: BLACK OPS on Blu-Ray!

    The eminently watchable Idris Elba (co-star of award-winning The Wire and upcoming Thor) stars in gripping thriller Legacy: Black Ops – a different kind of film that’s got the critics all over it. We have 3 copies on Blu-Ray to give away. Hot damn! Competition ends 15 March 2011

  • Takers

    With its cast including Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and Chris “Rihanna’s ex” Brown, Takers was never overly likely to make audiences think too hard. Given its title because its anti-heroes like to take things (told you it wasn’t a thinker), the plot follows a gang of bank robbers as they plan a $30 million heist, unaware that a hard-boiled detective is closing in on them, determined to crack the case. What results is a dodgy pastiche of crime films everywhere – fun in places, but ultimately brainless.