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  • Delhi Belly

    This chaotic comedy centred around three bone idle, strapped for cash roomates sees the mass merging of Hollywood and Bollywood conventions to make an film that can appeal to a universal audience. Shocked? Yes. Pleasantly shocked? Yes.

  • Break Ke Baad

    Bollywood’s answer to 500 Days of Summer attempts to revitalise the romantic comedy genre. Without the charm and poignance of its forebear, however, Break Ke Baad fails to resonate with its audience.

  • I Hate Luv Storys

    Before watching I Hate Luv Storys I was a Bollywood virgin. I was aware of some of its conventions – its vibrancy, its musicality, the way it revels in artifice – but beyond that I was painfully naïve. So, armed with my postage-stamp sized amount of knowledge of Hindi cinema, I set about popping my Bollywood cherry. Sadly, like so many hungover 16 year olds, I find myself instantly regretting this awkward first encounter. Bloated, dull and repetitive, I Hate Luv Storys has nothing to offer beyond reheated romantic clichés from Hollywood and Bollywood alike.