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  • Interview! We talk to King of Devil’s Island director Marius Holst

    With the home video release of King of Devil’s Island, one of the most astonishing films of the year, we at Best For Film were lucky enough to be invited to the top of a very tall building in London to interview Norwegian director Marius Holst. Thankfully, his English is superb, and he has plenty of insight into the stark, unforgettable story of the Bastøy Boys.

  • Interview! We talk to model and latter-day film star Keeley Hazell

    Full disclosure – we may have been a bit snide when we heard about veteran Page 3 girl Keeley Hazell’s first starring role (as herself) in short film Venus and the Sun. Quite snide, in fact. Well, if you want to see a contrite film site then this is the place to look – we met up with her for a chat about legends, Latin and learning a brand new trade, and it was simply lovely.

  • Interview with Abel director Diego Luna

    This week sees the release of respected actor Diego Luna’s directorial fiction debut, Abel. It has been attracting some great reviews, and when the opportunity came along to meet the man behind the film we jumped at the chance. Here the director discusses his artistic influences, twisted realities and making children cry…