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  • All Is Lost

    Jolted awake by a collision with a shipping container, an unnamed man (Robert Redford) wades through the Virginia Jean to find a hole in the hull and sea water flooding in over his malfunctioning electrical equipment. He dislodges the container using a sea anchor and does his best to repair the damage, pumping the water…

  • Oscar 2012 Nominations

    THEY’RE HERE! The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards have been released, and as we predicted The Artist has basically bagsied all the categories like a fat greedy child in a tuckshop. Standard.

  • Margin Call

    As the financial crisis looms, one firm has to make the toughest of calls in this excellent fiscal drama. Margin Call has got the right cast, the right script and the right message to become a classic. The only villain here is the capitalist system itself; something no protagonist can overcome because “the money’s too good.”