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  • Best for Film’s Favourite Flicks #11 – Barbarella

    Best for Film’s Favourite Flicks returns! This time with a Flossie edition, making it a ‘BFFFFFE’, if you can keep up with that. Barbarella is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me, but I am not ashamed enough to deny myself this opportunity to praise this weird and wonderful sci-fi film from the 60s. Here, Jane Fonda is a total screen goddess and it’s difficult not to fall for her sexy superhero look.

  • Andress and Hepburn named most beautiful women from films

    If the results of Radio Times’ latest poll are anything to go by, men might actually descend from Mars and women may hail from Venus. The magazine’s quest to discover the nation’s favourite film sirens saw Ursula Andress top the list voted by men, with Audrey Hepburn triumphing in the women’s poll.