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  • Safe

    Boaz Yakin attempts to shrug off the conventions of the usual smash-everyone-audience-included-into-submission action film with his new Statham vehicle Safe. Initially thoughtful and controlled, but never quite committing to the restrained tone of its opening half hour, all of Safe‘s positive traits fall a little by the wayside in favour of, well, smashing everyone into submission.

  • Killer Elite

    What do a dying Sheikh, a bunch of SAS guys and Clive Owen with a dodgy moustache have in common? They all want to screw up Jason Statham’s day, and he won’t let them. Killer Elite tells the story of an ex-hitman out of retirement for One Last Hurrah. It’s not as predictable as you might think. Oddly, that doesn’t help matters.

  • Queues, galas and red carpets: dispatches from the TIFF

    Although Best For Film Towers is still rooted in dreary old London (we’re talking to both Howl and Count Duckula about an upgrade), our intrepid scribbler Hannah is overseas soaking up the celluloid glamour of the Toronto International Film Festival. Ever wanted to know how well Canadians queue? Well, your luck’s in…