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  • We’re the Millers

    There are any numbers of reasons to ignore We’re the Millers, and many more to dismiss it as yet another platform for the world to check in on how Jennifer Aniston’s arse is holding together (very nicely, as it turns out). Like most comedies, we’re inclined to sneer outright unless it fulfils a number of…

  • Wanderlust

    Jennifer Aniston gets her tits out again in this potentially-funny-but-not-quite comedy. Oh, and you don’t actually get to see her tits, so there really isn’t altogether that much to see here.

  • Marley And Me: The Puppy Years

    There are some people in this world who really love puppies; little girls, mostly, or pre-teens, or middle-aged folks with not a lot else to fill their days. This film is their Holy Grail. It’s as if the Cutest Puppies Of 2011 calendar they have hanging in their bedroom has come to life on screen and, not unexpectedly, it’s annoyingly adorable…

  • Horrible Bosses

    An Apatow-eque romp without the cuddling after, Horrible Bosses chucks in loads of really naughty words and hopes to goodness it ends up controversial. The thing is, everyone’s obviously having such a brilliant time that it all just comes off as one big in-joke. Funny, crude, silly and loud – if you set your brain from kill to stun there’s a fair bit of enjoyment to be had here. I just wish they weren’t so damn pleased with themselves.

  • Top 10 Films we Hate to Love… and Love to Hate

    From time to time we are presented with films so bad that they rattle our cages till they can rattle no more. Sometimes we shamefully have to bury our heads in the sand because the powers that be force us to enjoy them. So without further ado, may we present you with the top ten films we hate to love and love to hate