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  • Oscar 2012 Nominations

    THEY’RE HERE! The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards have been released, and as we predicted The Artist has basically bagsied all the categories like a fat greedy child in a tuckshop. Standard.

  • Take Shelter

    Michael Shannon shines in Jeff Nichols’ psychological drama as a man haunted by visions of the world ending. The middle section of the film is somewhat repetitive, but the last half hour will leave you teetering on the edge of your seat. Imaginative, scary, thrilling and beautiful all in one go, Take Shelter is an astonishing film that will stay with you. And probably for much longer than you’ll be comfortable with.

  • Top 10 British Icons Played by Non-Brits

    In honour of the news that Jessica Chastain (a dirty American) may be taking the lead role in a biopic of Princess Diana, BFF have compiled a list of the Top 10 iconic British roles which have been snatched away by actors of other nationalities. This is one for all you xenophobes out there.