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  • Top 10 Horrifying Gender Bending Performances

    Gender bending is one of the lost arts. There was a period in the 90s when you couldn’t move in Hollywood for transvestism. It sort of became the default mode for any comedic scene. Chuck in a corset and a couple of fake boobs and BAM! You’ve got cinema gold. Although the subject of emotional turmoil, sexual identity and gender reassignment has been covered sensitively and dramaticly by some amazing films, you’re not going to find The Crying Game on this list. No, we’ve cobbled together our favourite horrifying gender bending scenes from film. Get out the fishnet stockings, folks!

  • TGIM! The London International Animation Festival

    Spread out over 11 days in multiple venues, with 300 animations from over 30 countries, the LIAF prove that cartoons aren’t just for kids. Featuring documentaries, workshops and stop-motion mindfucks from the jovial to the disturbed, this year’s festival has something for just about everyone.