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  • Friday Face/Off: Adam Sandler

    This week, Adam Sandler emerged as the third highest-paid actor in the world for 2010/11. One of our faithful team of word-wranglers rejoiced at this news, whilst the other bit a copy of You Don’t Mess with the Zohan in half. Guess which was which? It’s time to Face/Off…

  • Chalet Girl

    Having escaped Cemetary Junction and successfully humoured the flashbacks of a fool, Felicity Jones has finally been promoted to lead burger-flipper in this derivative, predictable and utterly charming amalgam of Bridget Jones‘ self-deprecating humour and Notting Hill‘s transatlantic romance.

  • Just Go With It

    A searing, ironic and deeply unsettling expose of modern society and the values it trumpets; it could be that the seminal Just Go With It succeeds in unpacking the dark issues of our control state that George Orwell’s 1984 failed to address. Or else I just paid ten pounds for an guided tour of Adam “I’m young, I SWEAR IT” Sandler’s wank bank. Tricky.